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Singapores new Vegan Burger King? | NomVNom @ Clarke Quay, Singapore

The Burg is excellently presented atop a wooden paddle.

If you want a vegan burger in Singapore, you won’t be short on choice. You have VeganBurg; the pioneer of the vegan burger joint in Singapore with a multitude of options, Loving Huts excellent All-Star burger and even McDonalds have a vegan burger (albeit a sad one – reviewed here). But NomVNom have really started bringing their A-Game, is it enough to be crowned Singapores king of vegan burgers?

NomVNom have also been around for a while now, and seem to have started as a bit of a spin-off from VeganBurg; taking some of the great ideas of that joint while adding some very special features of it’s own. On our most recent stop in Singapore we had found out they had shifted location slightly and were eager to check it out, having been pretty impressed on an earlier visit to the old location.

NomVNom has a large wall showcasing some of their burgs

NomVNom has a large wall showcasing some of their burgs

NomVNom are now located in the downstairs foodcourt of the Clarke Quay Central shopping centre. The location is extremely well connected, being virtually next door to the Clarke Quay MRT station. The new space is larger than the old one, with fresher and more modern decor. I got the impression NomVnom had really given their whole image a boost with this space.

I ordered the classic Nom Nom burger, with a side of fries and “golden rings’ – essentially a vegan squid ring. NomVNoms best feature is arguably having a large range of 8 optional dips to choose from – Goodbye tomato sauce and mustard, hello truffle mayo and hummus. The range of sides is also great, with two different kinds of sweet potato, yam and more.

The Burg is excellently presented atop a wooden paddle.

The Burg is excellently presented atop a wooden paddle.

The presentation of the meal didn’t disappoint either, and has had the same VIP treatment as their restaurant, with the burger and sides lined up to perfection atop a cute wooden paddle. The burger is stacked excellently and held together with an elegantly placed skewer. Despite the apparent height of the burger, it compressed nicely when held, and didn’t dramatically fall apart when consumed.

The nom nom bun was soft and fresh, with a generous dusting of semolina on top, the patty – a mock meat chicken type deal – was fried well, golden and crispy on the outside and not overly oily. It paired greatly with the tartar sauce and overall it was a satisfying eat. NomVNom burgers are slightly larger than VeganBurg, and some days you just want to be that little bit extra filled. It’s also definitely punching for a more ‘gourmet’ niche with some interesting combinations such as the Dal Fusion.

While not wanting to take anything away from the goodness that is VeganBurg; it’s a little hard not to compare the two when they seem to share a common ancestry. Something is still incredibly satisfying about a VeganBurg burg with its paper wrapper and fast-food joint feel. But on days when you’re wanting a little bit more emphasis on the presentation and gourmet-factor, then NomVNom is an excellent choice!

NomVNom Singapore
6 Eu Tong Sen Street, B1-44 Central Clarke Quay, Clarke Quay

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