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Trying the Vegan McDonalds Burger @ Singapore

McDonalds Singapore Vegan Combo

A special report on McDonalds Singapore “Veggie Crunch” burger – veganised.

-By contributor James

A few weeks prior to arriving in Singapore I had heard that McDonalds had just launched a new vegetarian burger in the city-state, that, with a single omission could be made vegan. I had no intention of trying the Veggie Crunch burger; why would I need to? Singapore has a wealth of vegan options scattered all over the city. But while hanging around the Bugis area, with most of my favourite joints nearby closed, I got curious. It was all in the name of research… really. As this was an impromptu visit, the photos were captured on phone.

But here I was, in a McDonalds queue for what must have been the first time that I remember in years. I forgot how busy a McDonalds could get late on a Saturday night; filled with cramming students, business men just clocking off and party-goers who were calling it a night (or just starting) but when I got to the counter I had a chance to ask a few questions. Was the veggie burger a popular choice, I asked. “The Indians really like it” the server responded. I thought that sounded promising; if it’s popular then that is a popular step in the right direction.

The burger itself is vegetarian; to veganise it you need to remove the McChicken sauce which contains egg. That left me with a crispy potato and pea pattie, some shredded lettuce, and the chilli sauce between a bog standard McDs bun (these are vegan). In Singapore McDonalds fries are also vegan; but don’t take this as a rule of thumb for other countries – the ingredients can vary from place to place.

Not the nicest looking burger in the world.

Not the nicest looking burger in the world.

The burger arrived at it was as disappointing looking as one would expect from a McDonalds burger – flat and sad. Then again, presentation has never been McDonalds strong suit. I opened up the bun to ensure my custom order was completed properly and it was – no problems.

So how was the taste? Well, not great. I find the problem with a burger like this is that it isn’t replacing the protein with anything – it’s essentially a potato patty – It’s carbs on top of carbs, with some more carbs on top. Aside from the meagre amount of shredded lettuce the burger was one colour – beige. Without any substance in the burger I found it didn’t really hit the spot. Being fried potato the patio also felt overly oily. I’ve seen this kind of configuration far too often from main stream food joints – why not get creative with a nice bit of falafel or some grilled bbq tofu; perhaps a bit of blackened tempeh? Or virtually any off the shelf mock-meat burger that would have been better than this soggy, oily, potato mess they call a burger.

With that said; it’s a positive step for McDonalds to introduce a veggie/optionally-vegan burger but it won’t win over the masses. The best thing it has going for it is the price – at under SGD$7 for a combo – it’s one of the best priced non-Asian eats in Singapore.

Is there a time and place for this food? Sure; if you’re drunk, hungover, it’s late, and you can’t find anything else. But hey, if you’re in ever in the Bugis area, you’re a stones throw away from the Arab quarter with a number of late night falafel and hummus options to choose from.

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    October 30, 2016 at 7:12 PM

    You took one for the team there James and we salute you! now none of us have to endure the beige greasy sad burger. You’re so right about the lack of a protein too.

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