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Tucked behind a grey concrete wall down a little alley a short walk from Wanlong Station on Taipei’s Songshan-Xindian MRT line, you’d be forgiven for missing About Animals, thinking it was just another residential building. But peek through the front gate and you will see a large pride flag draped over the balcony, and you will know you’ve arrived. The theme of equality runs through About Animals, with large displays of “Legalise Gay Marriage” alongside messages of animal rights.

About Animals was started by a group of young activists who must have known that the best way to help spread their message was through a good vibe, with some good drinks and of course good food. What the team here have created is an environment that is a unique mix of activism, dive bar and cafe. It’s hip, youthful, warm and inviting (unlike some hipster joints which can sometimes be intimidating more than inviting!). I’m not sure if it’s the friendly staff, the comfortable couch in the corner or the self-service craft beer fridge, or the neighbourhood cats that congregate here that makes About Animals one of my favourite spots for dinner and a drink.

About Animals for Craft Beer

About Animals for Craft Beer

The food menu rotates with the seasons, with additions like hot pot in winter or rice bowls during summer, but there are some permanent items such as the delicious burgers (there may be a revolt if these are ever removed).

We’ve tried most of the burgers here with the Golden Tofu, Sesame Tofu and Wasabi Burger being among our favourites (of anywhere, not just About Animals!). Both of the tofu burgers, as the name would suggest have a marinated tofu filling while the Wasabi burger has About Animals very own deep friend veggie patty. Though there were some tears shed that About Animals no longer serves fries with their burgers, opting for salad instead. It’s a healthier option but we’d like to see something a bit more creative as an alternative; these burgers are already jam packed with lettuce, so more lettuce on the side isn’t a super welcome addition for this writer.

About Animals Burgers are BIG

About Animals Burgers are BIG

One of the new items on the menu; Taco Rice is a unique and light take on the Okinawan classic. The colour of this dish was gorgeous and we’d recommend it for anyone after a healthier option.

Other top picks at About Animals are the ice cream coffee float, and the chocolate brownie.

About Animals also have a little side room/gallery where you can pick up cool bits of paraphernalia or even grab yourself a reusable metal straw – save the planet one drink at a time!

動物誌 About Animals
No. 9, Lane 1, Jinglong Street, Wenshan District, Taipei City, 116
02 2935 3633
Friday – Monday 11am-10.30pm & Tuesday – Thursday 3pm-10pm

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    September 12, 2017 at 9:19 AM

    No more fries?! That’s such a shame and I kind of hate it when other people decide that I need to eat more healthily! Their toasted sandwich on the bacon cheese bread with fries on the side was one of my favourite meals in Taipei.

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      James Bell
      September 15, 2017 at 10:18 PM


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