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Hang Out Vegan Izakaya @ Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan | The Hippest Restaurant In Town

Sadly, Hangout has closed 🙁 – Updated May 2016

Shibuya is the home of the young, fashion-conscious crowd in Tokyo. If you’re visiting Tokyo, you’ll visit Shibuya, probably to see the famous Shibuya Crossing, and the surge of humanity that through this famous intersection each time the pedestrian lights turn green.

The Shibuya crossing in Tokyo Japan

If there’s one thing Shibuya has a lot of it’s “izakaya”, or restaurant bar.  Every night thousands of people meet their friends at the Hachiko and head out for an evening of food, drink and fun. Hang Out offers the exact same bar-dinning experience to herbivores like us that want quality dishes to accompany their alcohol.

Hang Out is definitely one of its kind in Japan. It’s menu boasts an array of vegetarian and vegan renditions of bar and pub favourites, making playful use of soy meats to create the spicy “soy karaage”—fried “chicken”—and the zesty jerk “chicken.” There’s also the hemp cream pasta, which pairs milk derived from the herb with renkon (lotus root) and mushroom to create a savoury delight. The food here is designed to pair nicely with beer—Hang Out’s choice being the organic SunSun beer.

Yummy Vegan Bites

The prices at this upscale lounge are on the higher end, but you get what you pay for: quality food for a quality night out. Hang Out is Tapas style, so it’s necessary to order a few dishes per person. The serving per dish is small but with a combination of other options, one can leave Hang Out feeling filled and satisfied.

One of our favourite dish at Hang Out is this Wasabi Soy Meat. This dish is definitely not your ordinary soy karaage, it is not only fried to crispy perfect but also has just the right amount of wasabi to give you an endorphin rush and eventually makes your sinuses explode. Its an exciting dish for the palate and definitely will make you want to order another round of those ice cold beer.

Wasabi Soy Karaage

Another dish that made to our top was the Fresh Vegetable Wrap. These spring rolls are a refreshing change from the usual deep fried dishes offered at Hang Out. With fresh vegetables and tempeh wrapped in rice paper, these are healthy, light and great for cooling down from the wasabi heat. This dish came with a sweet and spicy sauce which you dip into for extra flavour.

Fresh Veggie Wrap

An English menu is available for those who can’t read Japanese, and the menu is illustrated so it’s easy to pick and point. The staff are super friendly and also speaks a little English.

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Address: 3-12 Udagawacho Shibuya Tokyo 宇田川町3-12-3F, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0042
Phone: 03-6455-3562
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 5:00 pm – 12:00 am


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