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Night Market Eats For Herbivores @ Keelung Night Market | The Ultimate Guide Part 1

Guess what guys?! Tonight, Im hanging out with @veganfoodquest here at Keelung Night Market. I am very excited about this as it is @veganfoodquest ‘s  first-night market experience here in Taiwan! I’m pretty sure we will have loads of fun and find loads of vegan food! If you can’t be bother with reading the entire article, check out the awesome video @jbnerdz put together!

The Keelung Miaokou or Temple Front Night Market  (廟口夜市) is just a five-minute walk from the Keelung train station and it is not to be missed. It is arguably one of the most famous and even best night markets in the country.

Pronounced Jīlóng in Mandarin, the city of Keelung is Taiwan’s second-largest port and it offers a plethora of activities and things to see within ten minutes walking distance from the train station. Historically, the port of Keelung has been a commercial, military and fishing harbor, today it serves as the centre of Northern Taiwan’s fishing industry hosting hundreds of fishing ships and provide logistics services for near-sea shipping and port of call for international cruise ships. Alright! Enough of the boring facts, let’s go get some food!

Photo by Shenghung Lin

Keelung Night Market (廟口夜市) one of Taiwan’s more traditional food-focused night markets. This is “the” place you want to be if you are lookinb for cheap, delicious and authentic local vegan food. When I first visit this night market, I went with a filled stomach, as I was not confident that I would find decent vegan food here. I was obviously wrong. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of vegan options the night market offers. It is extremely large and covers a number of streets and every street has something vegan to offer.

As you first walk through, you will be greeted with  iconic rows of yellow lanterns hanging above the seemingly organised food lanes on both sides with proper multi-lingual signs and stall numbers. It can be slightly chaotic, overwhelming and intense at first but you’ll get used to it. Walking through this street will spot your first vegetarian stand that offers a small menu.

As you walk through the night market, pass the organised chaos of food lanes, you will pass through many seafood stands like the ones pictured below where they will serve fresh seafood. The shellfish are just stacked on top of each other, it’s a rather depressing sight. When they reach out to you to show their menu or offer a tester just politely decline and walk away. Being a large port town, it stands to reason that the Night Market would be selling their daily catch.

Right in the middle of the seafood lane you will find another vegan food stall that also offers a different menu to the first stall.

Keelung Night Market - Vegan Food Stall

This stall sells mostly noodles dishes, some rice dishes and Ruwei (滷味) where tofu, bean curd, mock meat and etc gets cooked in a soy-based broth. I randomly ordered the curry rice, Chinese herb soup noodles, veggies soup and veggies soup with fat noodles, some braised tofu and some other vegan sides.

The best part about eating here is that you get good value for money. Paid around four hundred for the food enough to feed a family. The lady who cooks the stall is really nice and friendly, so don’t feel intimidated to approach her for questions. We were so stuffed after eating here but we made room for some desserts. But that’s a story for another time, perhaps in Part II of the Keelung Guide.

I have visited several night markets and food-wise, Keelung Night Market is has a lot to offer for vegans. While Miaokou Night Market isn’t in Taipei, it’s worth the trip to Keelung!

A visit to Miaokou Night Market for dinner is the perfect ending to a long day, and transportation back to Taipei City is convenient and fast. Most visitors prefer the ease of taking one of the frequent Local Trains (區間車) from the train station adjacent to the harbour back to Taipei Main Station.


ADDRESS: Rensan Street, Renai District, Keeling City, Taiwan 基隆市仁愛區仁三路
OPENING HOURS: Everyday from 5:00pm onwards

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