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Pizza Pilgrimage to Virtuous Pie @ Vancouver, BC

Our trip to Canada and the USA started with missing our flight and an arduous 27 hour wait in the coldest corner of Hong Kong International Airport. With an original one day plan for Vancouver, we were now cut down to just three hours before we had to climb aboard a Greyhound bus bound across the border toward Seattle. There was no time to shower or rest, just a quick coffee and a dash up the road toward one of the places on our must-visit list – Virtuous Pie.

Fortunately for us Virtuous Pie was located only about ten minutes walk from Pacific Central Station (where we would be catching our bus) in Vancouver’s Chinatown area, and close to a number of other vegan-friendly spots.

That fatigue and jet lag meant that our walk up the road with our bags in tow, felt extra long, but after almost two days of plane food and airport snacks, we arrived at Virtuous Pie, a vegan gourmet pizza bar with a bright and open interior of white and wood tones and an upscale hipster vibe.

The menu is fairly varied, with enough choices to leave you struggling what to choose. There is kombucha, sparkling water and craft beers on tap (which we would soon find is more common across America than we realise – great for my love affair with kombucha!) and more than one kind of vegan cheese.

With our time quickly whittling away we made some fast decisions and ordered a couple of pizzas for our group.

We ordered the Meatball + Chèvre and the Ultraviolet. The cheese wasn’t a stretchy or super melty kind but it didn’t matter; the flavour of the gourmet pies and the excellent crust alay any concerns that this vegan pizza could hold its own against it’s dairy laden counterparts.

The Meatball + Chèvre was topped with vegan meatballs (obviously) made by 33 Acres Brewing and creamed spinach. A lemon & herb chèvre adds a nice kick and you also get a generous helping of shredded parm cheese. The meatballs had a spicy chorizo flavour and the texture was excellent.

The Ultraviolet mixed things up with a walnut and arugula pesto, dried tomatoes and the signature nut-based mozzarella. This pizza won the popular vote out of our party.

The Kombucha also passed with top marks for being not overly sweet and well priced compared to booch we’ve had in Asia.

The menu at Virtuous Pie has many more options that we’d love to try if we have a chance to stop by again; pizzas can be customised and there is also an extensive array of sides that we didn’t have a chance to order.

Following such a long pilgrimage to North America, the expectations were high for good vegan pizzas, and Virtuous Pie did not disappoint.

There are two Virtuous Pie locations in Vancouver, and there is also one in Portland, OR and one coming soon to Toronto.

Virtuous Pie

583 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2V1, Canada

Mon – Thur 11am-10pm
Fri 11am-11pm
Sat 10am – 11pm
Sun 10am – 10pm

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