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VeganBurg @ Eunos, Singapore | The Better Fast Food Option

VeganBurg is a very cool fast food restaurant which does a nice job promoting the benefits of veganism. It’s like McDonalds but healthier and friendlier to our mother nature.

Vegan Burg located at Jalan Eunos, with lots of indoor and outdoor seatting

Upon entering VeganBurg, you will be greeted with this huge poster right next to the counter that screams “Think fast food is junk food? Think again.”  VeganBurg says that fast food is not junk food and that its burgers are nutritious while still being tasty. No doubt the burgers look healthier, with their seedy buns and fresh non-gmo ingredients, but throw in the side of fries and sweet soft drink and you still have a sometimes-food!

Think fast food is junk food? Think again.

VeganBurg has very creative menu, they have at least 10 different burgers you can choose from, sometimes even more if they have limited edition burgers. After choosing your burger, you will have the option of making your burger a meal, by adding $3.90. For the meal, it comes with a side of fries or steamed broccoli (ewwww…) and a drink. The standard meal comes with an artificial sugary “juice” drink, but for an extra charge you can buy a Phoenix Organics soft drink (still sugary nonetheless!). These standard drinks are like fruit teas/juices, which are supposedly healthier than soft drinks, but I would have hoped for even healthier drink options, like fresh fruit juice perhaps? But I guess that would defeat the idea of a fast food concept.

The drink station is self-service, similar to Subway. So after you get your cups at the counter, you just move a little over to the right to get your drinks. Like other fast food outlets, serviettes and condiments are all self-service. They even have paper bags available in case you can’t finish your food and want to bag your leftovers.

Delicious burger with crispy patty and freshly made buns

And the food has finally arrived! Today is a Monday and they run Meat Free Monday Promotions, so for every set you order you get additional sides, a bit of broccoli, franks and spinach pops. The bun is soft and fluffy but firm enough to support all the fillings and not fall out. The soy patty for the Cracked Mayo burger is very dense and has a crunchy coating. It is stacked with some fresh lettuce and a generous amount of mayonnaise. The flavour is bold and very delicious.

If after all that you still think you would be hungry for desserts, I recommend to try their Organic Brown Rice Ice Cream. They have two flavours, chocolate and vanilla both covered in rich dark chocolate and almond coating! It’s heaven on earth!

VeganBurg is not the most affordable meal but it does represent pretty good value.


Address:  44 Jalan Eunos, 419502
Phone: +65 68446868
Opening Hours: Open Daily 11:30 – 20:00


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